For a long time slavery was a part of life for many countries throughout the world, but it is of America and race based slavery that I want to tell to you about today. There are different kinds of slaves such as; the indentured servants, plantation slaves, house hold slaves, free slaves, and runaway slaves. Most slaves came from Africa, captured by another tribe and sold on the African docks to slave trade ships. They would be crowded into the lower parts of the ship, usually where they kept the live stock, and from there they would begin the treacherous voyage to American soil.

            Once arrived at the docks of the American ports they would be cleaned up to be at least a little presentable for actuation, which was either held the day they arrived, over the following day. All sexes were put on the stands, mother, father, child, and were most often bought by separate owners, resulting in almost every family being torn apart. After they were sold to their master they would begin their work as a plantation slave or house slave.

As plantation slaves their life was very brutal. Based on their living conditions, they were lucky to live to the age of 36. For example slaves who worked on the tobacco crop usually lived longer, due to their less laborious work. Masters of these slaves took to treating them better so they could get more work out of them and their offspring.

As household slaves their lives were usually better, but at the same time still hard. Their jobs usually included, taking care of the children, fetching, water, cooking, cleaning, and making sure everything was just right in the house, and the property about it. Either way, being house hold slave, or plantation slave, you had a very real possibility of being beaten to death, and if you were female raped.

Many slaves tried to escape these bondages, some succeeded and others were run down by dogs and killed in the most hideous ways to deter other slaves who wanted to run away. Some very few and very lucky slaves were set free by their owner, but they could have easily been taken right back into slavery in they weren’t careful.

As slaves got out, they started talking about their experiences. People heard and started to write about the horrors of slavery, and Abolitionism was born. Over history there are a few Abolitionists that stick out, white and black. William Lloyd Garrison published the book The Liberator and in it he said “I am in earnest — I will not equivocate — I will not excuse — I will not retreat a single inch — AND I WILL BE HEARD,” He saw slavery not only as an American problem, but something he wanted to change in the whole world.

Another prominent Abolitionist was Frederick Douglass. He had run away and started talking out against slavery. This put him in danger of being caught and enslaved again, so he fled to England but was able to come back when a group of Abolitionists bought his freedom. On his return he started the newspaper North Star, and worked as hard as ever to end slavery.

Through the hard work of many people, slavery in the Americas has come to an end, but the after effects of it are still a never ending battle, and we must never give up hope.



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